Pet StopⓇ Indoor Transmitter


A common misconception about pet-containment systems is that they are only for the outdoors. Pet Stop brings the benefits of boundary setting indoors, too. Pet Stop can help you end wild romps on the expensive furniture in the living room, or pre-meal raids onto kitchen counters to lick the casserole. The boundary can either be a wireless zone or custom wired with the line discreetly hidden. Our indoor system is so accurate that it can have zones as small as only a few feet. The RoomWizard™ is offered in both wired and battery-operated versions.



Our Indoor Transmitter is fully compatible with our Outdoor Transmitter and most competitor systems, including Invisible Fence®.

<strong>Stylish Design</strong>
Made to be as discreet as possible, this unit can fit where you need it – even under furniture.

<strong>Wire Break Protection</strong>
If a wire gets broken, you’ll be sure to know. The boundary wire is always monitored and will sound a warning should it ever get broken.

<strong>Digital Display</strong>
The LED display is highly visible at all times of the day or night.

<strong>Power Loss Memory (PLM) Protection</strong>
In case of power failure, Pet Stop’s Power Loss Memory feature remembers your settings.

<strong>DM Technology™</strong>
Absolutely the best method to guard against false corrections, better than AM or FM alone.